Indian Diet Plan For Endometriosis: Diet Tips Foods to eat and Foods to Avoid


If you are among the 200 million women in the world diagnosed with endometriosis, you are quite familiar with all the chronic pain that comes along with it and also the risk of infertility. Many women feel frustrated by the intense pain that affects their day to day life. Making the right kind of lifestyle changes as well as adopting a holistic approach to manage it with a diet can be the most effective solution. Our Indian Diet Plan For Endometriosis, the diet tips and the list of foods to eat and foods to avoid will help you make the needed changes in your routine.

Indian Diet Plan For Endometriosis: Diet Tips Foods to eat and Foods to Avoid


Inflammation is the biggest contributor to endometriosis pain. Inflammation is highly influenced by your diet. Hence cutting out on inflammatory foods can help in easing the symptoms of endometriosis. Here is a list of Inflammatory foods that you must avoid in your diet.

Foods to Avoid in Endometriosis:

Here is a list of foods that cause inflammation in endometriosis, Thyroid, Pcod and all other hormonal problems. Hence should be avoided.

Highly processed foods trigger inflammation as these foods contain a lot of additives. Hence it is best to cook fresh organic foods. Some examples of processed foods are packaged water, juices, and other beverages. Convenience and packaged foods.

Caffeine causes inflammation and worsens the digestive system. Intake of more caffeine results in high levels of estrogen which makes the endometriosis worse. Hence caffeine products should be avoided. Some examples of foods with caffeine are coffee and chocolate-flavored drinks, icecreams, breakfast cereals, confectionery items like chocolates and candies and frozen desserts. Other examples are green tea, PMS and headache medications, soda and fizzy drinks.

Alcohol tends to put stress on your liver since the liver tries to remove the toxins from your body. It is inflammatory and triggers the symptoms of endometriosis.

Red meat can lead to high levels of estrogens in the blood that can increase the endometriosis symptoms.

Dairy products consist of antibiotics and growth hormones that can worsen the symptoms of endometriosis.

Consumption of high-fat foods can lead to inflammation which can add to the discomfort and pain associated with endometriosis. It can produce free radicals which creates an imbalance that results in oxidative stress.

Consumption of foods that are high in sugar can lead to inflammation.  Sugar tends to increase fat in the body. This, in turn, increases estrogen production. It weakens the immune system thereby increasing the symptoms of endometriosis.

Foods to Eat in Endometriosis:

Here is a list of foods to eat in Endometriosis.

The best way to fight endometriosis pain is to include anti-inflammatory, omega 3 containing foods in your regular diet such as- leafy greens, walnuts, chia seeds, olive oil, flaxseeds, and salmon.

Whole fruits are loaded with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and fiber. In addition to this, they are full of antioxidants that can minimize the chronic pelvic pain associated with endometriosis.

It is important to replace the lost iron in the body as endometriosis can lead to heavy bleeding. Both heme and non- heme iron that includes foods such as- green leafy vegetables, dried apricots, fish, beetroot and eggs should form a part of the endometriosis diet. Read – Indian diet plan to increase Hemoglobin levels in the blood.

indian diet plan for endometriosis

Fibrous foods like nuts, legumes, vegetables, seeds and whole grains- oats, rice, buckwheat, millet, corn, and rye can help in keeping your digestive system healthy and flush out the excess estrogens in your body.

In order to manage the constant breakdown of estrogen, which circulates in your body the green leafy vegetables can play an important role in the proper functioning of the immune system. The best ones include cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, radish, broccoli, cabbage, horseradish, sprouts, turnips, and kale. However, if you also happen to have hypothyroid issues, its best to consult a dietician and get a personalized diet plan.

Indian Diet Plan For Endometriosis :

Here is an Indian diet plan for endometriosis. We have included the foods to eat in endometriosis that we discussed above in the article.

Early morning:

2 soaked walnuts and 6 soaked almonds  +

1 glass lukewarm lemon water with a tsp of chia seeds.


2 buckwheat dosa with flaxseed chutney (kuttu dosa) OR

1 bowl oats upma with veggies OR

1 bowl of cooked sprouts OR

2 eggs omelet with capsicum

Mid-morning :

1 glass beetroot juice with 1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil and 1 tsp turmeric powder (Anti-inflammatory drink)

Lunch :

1 plate salad (carrot and radish slices/ 1 bowl sprouts)

1 bowl chickpea curry +

A cup of  rice  / 2 small phulka / 2 millet flour roti +

1 cup of any green leafy vegetable ( spinach, methi, drumstick leaves, radish leaves or any other).

Mid-evening :

1 cup herbal tea (caffeine-free)

Dinner :

2 bowl carrot & ginger soup +

1 bowl vegetable daliya OR

A bowl of millet khichadi OR

1 bowl of Quinoa Pulav with veggies.

Bed Time :

1 glass warm water with lemon.

The above mentioned Indian diet plan for endometriosis can help reduce inflammation and balance hormones. It can also help to remove excess estrogen and minimize the pain.

Tips to manage Endometriosis :

Apart from this Indian diet plan for endometriosis, it is necessary to practice some other useful lifestyle tips to manage endometriosis.

It is important to perform physical exercise regularly as it can help strengthen your immune system and lower the inflammation. The release of feel-good hormones can help in the management of endometriosis by effectively lowering the estrogen levels.

  • Getting good quality sleep:

Good quality sleep can help result in muscle regain, detoxification process, hormonal balance, and lower pain and inflammation. So aim at getting a good 7 to 8 hours of peaceful sleep. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime. You can also try some deep breathing techniques in order to relax your mind and body.

This method can encourage proper circulation and reduce pelvic pain. It can also lead to detoxification through the meridians. Hence Acupuncture can benefit in endometriosis.

We all know that there is a relationship between our physical body and emotional well- being. So it is important to chalk out time to meditate and practice rituals that can regulate stress and help in reconnecting to your senses and heal your entire body. The best way to connect with yourself is to keep taking deep breaths which can bring about calmness.

Toxins like harmful chemicals in the food, cleaning and personal care products, environmental toxins such as mercury, pesticides, BPA, radon, and medications can worsen endometriosis. It is best to avoid exposure to such environmental toxins by buying natural foods, discarding plastic, making use of homemade natural cleaning and personal care products. Avoid the use of artificial and processed foods.

Taking vaginal steam can improve circulation and cleanse the uterus that can enhance the overall cleansing mechanism of the body. You can explore the yoni steaming process which works great in clearing out the residue left in the vaginal canal and improve stagnation.

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Incorporating the right dietary changes and following our Indian diet plan for endometriosis can prove to be a crucial component in improving the symptoms of endometriosis. However, You must accept that this entire process of healing takes some time, commitment and efforts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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