How to Select the Best Media Monitoring Platform for PR and Marketing


With new artificial intelligence and advanced filtering options getting better all the time, it’s never been easier to monitor everything that’s being said in traditional and social media about companies, brands, and individuals.

But there are literally dozens of media monitoring platforms to choose from, and all kinds of big promises are being made about which of them can do what.

Just evaluating the options is enough to make your head spin. With so much innovation underway, verifying the claims and picking the best solution is a huge amount of work.

The obvious first step is getting clear on why you’re monitoring social and traditional media in the first place and what a successful monitoring program looks like for your organization. Are you mostly just looking to track media coverage, or are you monitoring for strategic intelligence?

In the old days, media monitoring services were used to count news clips. Today, media monitoring underpins strategy through “Outside Insight,” as Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyssegen puts it in his book about gut-checking your KPIs against external metrics.

The just-completed vendor-neutral 2020 Media Monitoring Buyer’s Guide (it’s free)—an in-depth, up-to-date analysis of the state of traditional and social news media monitoring, including features comparison chart—can help you in your decision-making process.

In the meantime, in this article I’ll discuss—at a high level—what marketers should look for when evaluating media monitoring services so you know what criteria to consider when making that decision.

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