Trusting Remote Workers Is Key to Success


With Covid-19 having rapidly shut down workplaces across the world, more businesses have sent their employees home—some of them indefinitely.

But is that even a viable solution? Can employees be trusted to do their work away from the office?

“If you hire someone to do a job, it’s because you trust them to do it, right? Then why would it matter where they are when they do that job?” argues infographic design agency NowSourcing.

But will at-home workers be too distracted by the events of day-to-day life happening around them? Can they focus and be productive?

In fact, the vast majority of remote workers increase their productivity and focus while reducing stress levels and experiencing better work-life balance, according to stats cited in an infographic compiled by NowSourcing for Online Psychology Degrees.

The infographic outlines the benefits of work-at-home to employers, as well, and lays out the case for relying on trust—and clear guidelines and directions, but not micromanagement—to ensure remote team can thrive, benefiting employees and employers alike.

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